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Vaccination Program

SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC
Vaccination Program Options

Download Vaccination form & guidelines

Use Adobe Acrobat to fill & sign your form


Make sure to save a copy of your completed form and send it to us at

SEMO Livestock Vaccination Program Guidelines:

● SEMO tags available for purchase at SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC
   ○ Cost of tags are $0.45/tag
● Must have 2 complete round of shots - at least one round must be Modified Live Virus
   ○ IBR/P13/BVD types I and II/BRSV
   ○ Pasteurella Mannheimian and Multocida (min of one round)
   ○ Clostridial/Blackleg
   ○ Haemophilus Somnus (min of one round)
   ○ Internal and External Parasite Control
● Bulls must be banded or castrated and healed
● Heifers are to be guarantee open
● Must be weaned a minimum of 45 days prior to selling
● 2nd round of shots given 14-28 days after 1st round
● 2nd round of shots given a minimum of 14 days prior to selling
● SEMO tags given during 2nd round of shots

● Participants in our program or a certified program will be eligible for a Vac Credit of $5.00 per head after calves sell at SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC
   ○ Vaccination certification forms must be completed, signed, and           turned into the office prior to receiving Vac Credit - must attach         receipts showing proof of vaccine purchases
   ○ Certification forms can be emailed to:

• Proper Beef Quality Assurance techniques and good management practices are required. To learn more, visit


Important Notes:

● Vaccines are available for purchase at SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC.
● Precondition sale dates are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every 
● If you would like your cattle advertised, please contact SEMO 
 Livestock Sales, LLC at least 7 days prior to selling.
● If you have any concerns administering any vaccines, please 
consult your local vet.

● Males in question of castration will be checked by our vet and if determined intact will be sold for seller as bulls and disqualified from SEMO Livestock Vaccination Program.
● Heifers in question of bred will be preg checked by our vet and if 
determined bred will be sold as bred heifers for seller and disqualified from SEMO Livestock Vaccination Program.
● It is encouraged that you consult your feed representative for a 
nutrition program that may complement this vaccine program.

● Other vaccination programs will qualify for Vac Credit such as Purina, MFA, etc. 

SEMO Livestock Sales - 573-243-4255

Chelsea VanGennip - 573-768-1338

David Steinbecker Jr - 573-517-3966

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