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About Our Auction

Neal Franke
David Steinbecker Jr.
Mark Steinbecker

What We Do

We are in the location of the former Fruitland Livestock Auction. Our team is ready to continue the outstanding marketing experience and offer exceptional service as your choice of livestock market.


Who We Are

Neal Franke was manager and ring man of the former Fruitland Livestock Auction for 20+ years and continues these duties for SEMO Livestock Sales.  He has a lifetime of farm experience and working with animals.  As owner of Mid America Animal Sales, he and Michelle host the sheep and goat sales.

Dave Jr. and Mark Steinbecker are third generation livestock dealers and stocker/backrounders. They credit their dad, David Sr., for their success due to his mentoring and leadership. Dave Jr, Mark & Debbi have operations located in Perry County and they will also finish cattle in other areas. 

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